Oregon’s Eden of Weed Faces Danger in the Grass

The cannabis industry faces too much regulation in some places, and not enough in others.

The Stoner Age (Jordan Hundelt)

Happy belated 420, y’all. I’m back!

And what an issue to come back to! As Willamette Week’s faithful Potlander columnist, this is an issue I look forward to all year, and I was really excited to be a part of this package. This year’s theme is “The Stoner Age,” and the throughline is the ubiquity of cannabis. It’s at Airbnbs, down wellness aisles, it’s driving nonprofits and incubators, its ancillary industry is super diverse, and there’s so much if it, it’s practically free. However, at this moment, Oregon’s cannabis industry is also facing both a severe lack of retail accountability and a newly instituted testing regimen that could decimate the very basis of our much-admired cannabis culture.

Oh my god, I need a bong hit for this.

On this week’s episode, I’m welcoming back Sophie Peel, whose piece on aspergillus fungus and its potential to cripple our sun-grown organic market is a fascinating and frustrating look at the disconnect between farms and regulators. Next up is artist Amy Zimmerman, whose 420 advent calendar informed a large contribution to the package. She talks about how she sourced 20 different cannabis artists and makers to complete her calendar countdown.

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