Beer and Movie opens a three-month revival showcase at the Laurelhurst with Team America: World Police, which is only 7 years old, but already looks like a relic from an obsolete political era. Maybe a better era. Sure, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's puppetry-of-the-penis-joke picture tries to have it both ways, filleting bumpkin jingoism (nobody does a better faux-Toby Keith) and lefty-celeb grandstanding. But it climaxes, shall we say, with a sincere soliloquy—the "pussies, dicks and assholes" speech—that argues for a principled American interventionism that has since been cynically dismissed: We know our leaders didn't really believe in those ideals, so why should we be any more gullible? Anyway, the movie's filthy innocence is hard to fathom now. Also, it has a retarded Matt Damon menaced by house cats. Laurelhurst.

  1. Best paired with: Ninkasi Total Domination IPA.
  2. Also showing: How Do You Know (Bagdad, Kennedy School, Mission, St. Johns).