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Murmurs: Re-read Some Award-Winning WW Journalism

Big names—and money—behind university reform.

  1. Some powerful interests want to light a fire under lawmakers who are considering giving the seven campuses of the Oregon University System more autonomy. As first reported at, five men, including Nike Chairman Phil Knight, former University of Oregon Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny, Columbia Distributing Chairman Ed Maletis and Endeavour Capital Managing Director John von Schlegell have each written $65,000 checks to Oregonians for Higher Education Excellence. Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle, one of the PAC’s founders, gave $62,500.“If the PAC is to be used, it wouldn’t be supporting candidates but instead focused on an initiative petition,” Boyle tells WW. “Our preference is to see a legislative solution.”
  1. Dept. of Shameless Self-Promotion: WW won Oregon’s biggest journalism award and 18 first-place prizes at the annual Society of Professional Journalists banquet May 20. Nigel Jaquiss won the top prize, the Bruce Baer Award, for his coverage of the Columbia River Crossing, including “A Bridge Too False” (June 1, 2011).
  2. Among Pacific Northwest alternative weeklies, WW won seven first-place awards: Corey Pein, government and political reporting, “The Other Portland” (Oct. 12, 2011), on the city east of Interstate 205; and lifestyles reporting, “Cheat Local” (Aug. 17, 2011), on Groupon’s impact on small businesses.  Art director Ben Mollica for page design. Nigel Jaquiss, commentary, the CRC. Casey Jarman, arts and entertainment reporting, “Mack to the Future,” (Sept. 7, 2011), on hip-hop artist Macklemore. Aaron Mesh, personalities reporting, “Voodoo Child” (Dec. 21, 2022), on Voodoo Doughnut co-founder Tres Shannon. Jonathan Crowl, sports reporting, “Gang Green” (Aug. 31, 2011), on the Timbers Army.
  3. WW also won 11 first-place awards among Oregon non-daily papers, circulation above 8,000: WW staff, spot news, “Bucked!” (Nov. 16, 2011), on the shutdown of Occupy Portland camps. Corey Pein, government reporting, “The Other Portland”; and consumer reporting, “Cheat Local.” James Pitkin, news feature, “The Gun” (Aug. 2, 2011), on buying a gun on the street; and general feature, “Dirt Roads, Dead Ends” (May 11, 2011), on the city’s unpaved roads. Ben Waterhouse and Ruth Brown, food reporting, “Drip City” (April 6, 2011), on Portland’s coffee scene. Nigel Jaquiss, comprehensive coverage, the CRC; and education reporting, “Your Teacher is F’ed” (March 23, 2011), on school funding. Ben Mollica and Cameron Browne, best page design, “Drip City” (above). Aaron Mesh, religion and ethics reporting, “Children of a Higher God” (March 2, 2011), on the Santo Daime church.  Vivian Johnson, news photography, “Chaos to Checkmate” (Nov. 16, 2011), the shutdown of Occupy Portland camps.