1. BREAKING BEARD: Last month, a deal was finally inked for the planned James Beard Public Market. The giant indoor market, named for Oregon native and foodie hero James Beard, would look something like Seattle’s Pike Place Market and sit at the west end of the Morrison Bridge. But the current king of Portland stall sellers isn’t bowing to kiss Beard’s ring just yet. Portland Farmers Market boss Trudy Toliver told Capital Press that the markets have “somewhat similar value sets,” but told WW that public markets are a “different animal.” Toliver says PFM prioritizes local vendors, but public markets “aren’t a place where you go to meet a farmer.” While the Beard group says it will commit to local vendors, public markets have a history of starting off local before selling out.
  1. CHAMP’S COFFEE: Downtown’s West End Bikes has a new tenant: Maglia Rosa, a coffee shop owned by Phuong Tran, winner of the 2005 United States Barista Championship. Tran also is the owner of the well-regarded Lava Java in Ridgefield, Wash., and was previously the lead trainer at Zoka Coffee in Seattle. The location was previously operated by excellent eastside roaster Heart but has been empty since April. The “bike-thru” curbside coffee service is its biggest selling point over downtown’s other top coffee shops.
  1. RETURN OF THE TURK: Maybe you remember Secret Kebab, the sporadic delivery-only Adana-style lamb kebabs fronted by a delightful Twitter character called Alparslan the Turk? (Sample tweet: “Fresh lamb this day and every!! My saus is boss!! My spice is so nice!! My bread mess up you head!!”) It disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared in 2011. The Turk wants to resurrect Secret Kebab for one week in August. He’s trying to raise $1,500 on Indiegogo for a plane ticket. Rewards for donating include a copy of his book, Lamb Goes in Town!!, and a chance to win a dinner cooked by the Turk himself. If you don’t know who the chef behind the Twitter handle is, we won’t spoil it for you, but this is a good prize. Check it at igg.me/p/159239. BOOM BOOM.
  1. ICY ENCORE: Shackleton’s Antarctic Nightmare, a solo show by Portland Story Theater’s Lawrence Howard, is headed to New York for the United Solo Theatre Festival in late October. Scoop hears that before Howard’s expedition, there will be a warm-up show at Portland’s Hipbone Studio on Saturday, Oct. 20.
  1. SAINT SCOOP: Portland bakery Saint Cupcake has quietly begun making some seriously good ice cream. The ice-cream sandwiches are a no-brainer, but push-pops, frozen cupcakes dipped in chocolate, and simple Dixie Cups also impress. We recommend the buttered pecan praline. >> Speaking of ice cream, WW’s month-long Portland ice-cream crawl, Scoops’ out for Summer, continues at wweek.com/scoopsout.