Pix Patisserie

2225 E Burnside St., 971-271-7166, pixpatisserie.com.
Open until 2 am.

Decadent macarons, eau de vie-filled chocolates and 11 pages of champagne before one hits midlist sparkling wines or an admirably broad selection of Belgian ales. Show up after dinner for treats, or before 4 pm for happy hour, which is the only time anything here is cheap.

Staccato Gelato

232 NE 28th Ave., 231-7100; 1540 SE Bybee St., 517-8957; staccatogelato.com.
Open until 11 am.

This IKEA-fied scoop and doughnut shop has gelato flavors of startling local-grown freshness during the summer, alongside foodie-friendly salt and caramel swirl, pistachio and baklava. Doughnuts are fine, but when cherries or marionberries are in season for gelato, this place is your huckleberry.


600 E Burnside St., 236-4536.
Open until 2:30 am.

With its lack of signage, vast patio complete with roof and fireplace in winter, and occasionally hipper-than-thou bartenders, '60s-modern Rontoms has long been a bastion of low-key swank. But for an after-dinner show, stop by the free Sunday Sessions for well-booked local bands. 

Chopsticks II

2651 E Burnside St., 234-6171, chopstickskaraoke.com.
Open until 2 am. 

You started the night with food, and you want to end it with music. At Chopsticks II, the art of singing along to Muzak renditions of bygone top-40 hits becomes an orgiastic communal experience. Your versions of the hits will be fueled by drinks that hit like a wrench to the teeth. 

Coalition Brewing Co.

2724 SE Ankeny St., 894-8080, coalitionbrewing.com.
Open until midnight.

At this inviting tasting room, some of our town's friendlier bartenders serve up their mostly neighborhood crowd with flagship Two Dogs IPA, a balance between the crisp bitterness of dandelion leaves and a melty caramel sweetness.

B-Side Tavern

632 E Burnside St., 233-3113.
Open until 2:30 am daily.

B-Side is outfitted to resemble the parlor every punk practice space wished lay nearby. Maiden, Motörhead and Melvins roar from the jukebox, shots and Pabst tall boys overshadow the cocktails and craft beers on tap, and the interiors reflect an enlightened hardcore sensibility leavened by touches of whimsy. This is also where the Le Pigeon staff goes to drink after work—tip well or feel awkward.