Saint Cupcake

1138 SW Morrison St., 997-3674,
Open until 8 pm Monday-Saturday and 6 pm Sunday.

Until recently, you couldn't get an after-dinner buttercream cupcake or alder-smoked chocolate-chip cookie from Portland's favorite cupcake shop. But now that it's open 'til 8, you'll just have to scarf your food a little faster. It's worth the indigestion.


1025 W Burnside St., 971-300-8395,
Open until 7 pm Monday-Saturday and 5 pm Sunday.

Stash some sweets in your pocket after hitting Quin Candy, which offers housemade marshmallows, gumdrops, tea and salt caramels, and a variant on the Tootsie called the Twizzlie Roll, which swirls up sea salt, coffee and chocolate into a dentist's nightmare.

Bailey's Taproom

213 SW Broadway, 295-1004,
Open until midnight.

The west side's premier beer hangout, Bailey's features an eclectic tap selection with a DigitalPour menu that blinks a hurrying red for kegs about to bust. Bailey's best-kept secret is a bottle list of approximately 100 meticulously chosen beers going back a few years. 


725 SW 10th Ave., 478-9600.
Open until 2:30 am.

Momo is a dive bar with perks: Plaster-stiff drinks and a vast, half-covered patio area tucked away from the busy streets. Indoors, it's weirdly uncomfortable, and the patrons hilariously form a single-file line at the often understaffed bar. Outdoors it's heaven on concrete.

Sand Bar

1035 SW Stark St., 226-4171,
Open until 2:30 am.

This beach-themed spot, formerly half the dance floor of gay club Boxxes next door, is your go-to spot for happy hour (4-6:30 pm), with $5 snacks and a $3 featured cocktail, which on a recent visit mixed peach purée and lemonade with a healthy serving of bourbon.

Ruby Jewel Scoops

428 SW 12th Ave., 971-27108895,
Open till 11 pm.

Ruby Jewel is the best little late-night spot for treats in the 'hood, with evergreen ice cream flavors like honey lavender or caramel with salted dark chocolate, and the occasional wild-ass garden tomato or roasted beet seasonal. Forget the cone and design yourself an ice cream sandwich with fresh-baked cookies.