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Beer Guide 2015: Awesome Ales

Awesome Ales


[UNKNOWN ALES] Awesome Ales' site claims taps all over the city, but those are rotating taps that might pour 4:19 Got A Minute every month or two. So, call ahead. Or, better yet, email owner David Lederfine. Once you have your hands on a pint of Awesome's French IPA—smooth and surprisingly heavy, with an unexpectedly dark, dark body—you'll be happy with your efforts. Awesome Ales is a gypsy brewery. Lederfine is licensed to make and sell beer, but doesn't have his own system. Instead, he rents out space at Seven Brides in Silverton, where he brewed 400 kegs in 2014. Lederfine is also an avid outdoors and classic-rock enthusiast who has worked in craft beer for 19 years, building his reputation at Portland's defunct Snake & Weasel. He's aiming for patrons who aren't afraid to try something new and ambiguous, which is why the name is so plain: Lederfine wants the beverage to be a special find for the perpetually curious. In a town full of well-branded beers, Awesome has absolutely no marketing, doesn't bottle, doesn't update its site and doesn't tweet where they're on tap. They'll see you when they see you, and it'll be a nice night.

DRINK THIS: 4:19 Got A Minute IPA is crisp, bright and super weedy.