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Beer Guide 2015: Humble


753-5975, By appointment only.

[HARD TO FIND] Humble Brewing has stayed true to its name for some time. As I stand in the middle of the North Portland garage that houses a 1.5-barrel Blichmann system, co-owner Scott Davis tells me to spin in a circle. "That's pretty much the tour," he says. It becomes apparent that despite year-over-year sales growth, steady demand for kegs from high-end taphouses like Bailey's, and an in-demand, spicy and sessionable Saaz-hopped French saison, Humble isn't angling to become the new Commons. In the days of immediate, all-in, life-altering business plans, it makes sense that a pair of wife-and-kid types might not feel rushed to take the plunge. We wish they would though.

DRINK THIS: Anything you can find, but be particularly on the lookout for the Gonzilla IIPA—it's fabled to be amazing.