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Beer Guide 2015: Oregon City Brewing Co.

Oregon City Brewing Co.

1401 Washington St., Oregon City, 908-1948, 2-10 pm Monday-Friday, noon-10 pm Saturday, 2-7 pm Sunday.

[O.G. O.C.] Oregon City Brewing Co. is brand-new this year and looks it, right down to its taproom's contemporary design flourish—hundreds of ancient-looking Edison bulbs strung up like it's Christmas. The spartan, curvilinear-windowed space in the O.C. downtown is one of the best stocked beer bars in the 'burbs, with 44 taps on a digital system, including six Cooper's Hall wines and four nitros. It also includes a few of the brewery's own early beers, crafted by a family of homebrewers: Oregon-City-born Bryce Morrow, his father Craig, and his father-in-law Rajiam Pursifull. The house brews mostly aren't quite there yet, including a farmy IPA, a red ale tinged with the off-note of vanillin, and an over-sweet chocolate pale. The most successful so far is Hank's Marionberry, a blonde tinged with the ever-so-slight tartness of Oregon's favorite fruit. But since the brews are tapped next to the 90-Minute from Dogfish and experimental saisons from Breakside, the brews may be allowed to mature relatively gracefully, away from the spotlight.

DRINK THIS: Hank's Marionberry blonde, which may be the most subtle fruit beer in existence, with its marionberry like a juicy rumor.