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Beer Guide 2015: Stickmen


40 N State St., Lake Oswego, 344-4449, 11:30 am-10 pm Monday-Thursday, 11 am-11 pm Friday, 10 am-11 pm Saturday, 10 am-10 pm Sunday.

[GETTING BETTER] Mostly fueled by business that comes from its stewardship of a nice lakefront patio, Stickmen Brewing this year turned over a new leaf. There's a welcome surprise in the vibrant, spicy complexity of the barrel-aged honey ale called Thundersnow. That beer also does well to highlight one of Stickmen's strengths, a good-sized barrel-aging program. Three things haven't changed, though. You still have to park at Albertsons across the street. The place still smells mildly of fish and bleach. The food is overpriced and mediocre. Still, Stickmen handles pop up in some of the city's better taprooms. Be sure to start with a sample.

DRINK THIS: Something from a barrel.