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Beer Guide 2015: Two Kilts

Two Kilts

14841 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road, Suite 501, Sherwood, 625-1700, 3-10 pm Monday-Saturday.  

[RAD PLAID] Sherwood's Two Kilts shows us that the decor of an industrial-park brewery isn't limited to wood paneling and a wall of taps. Here, there are picnic tables, hanging lights, a stone bar and a cozy upstairs lounge. Two Kilts has 12 taps running the stylistic gamut, from the light and vibrant Crystal Kush to a dark barrel-aged imperial stout. The best place to taste is right in the middle, where the 2014 World Beer Cup winning Scottish ale sits spread-eagle in plaid glory. A deep copper red with a caramel nose, the beer defies more classic examples of the style by exhibiting a hint of peat smoke just before the malt sweetness fades off the palate. Remember, it's a long drive, so be careful with that 20-ounce glass of tasty 9 percent IIPA for just $5.

DRINK THIS: The slightly smoky Scottish ale won the category at last year's World Beer Cup.