4847 SE Division St., 894-8132, landmarksaloon.com. 3 pm-2 am Monday-Saturday, 3 pm-midnight Sunday.

Merle Haggard don't play cornhole, but if he did, I reckon he'd find Landmark Saloon a mighty fine place to fling some grain. Sure, horseshoe pits might be more appropriate for a place that fancies itself an old-school country bar, but this joint ain't trying to be something it's not. It's a converted house on the eastern edge of a rapidly upscaling neighborhood, not a sorrowful dive where off-duty truck drivers drip tears into their Budweisers, and beanbags fit the vibe better than hooked steel. On a warm afternoon, the expansive patio fills with gentrifying young'uns and their bandanna-wearing dogs, and it can feel alternately like a backyard barbecue, a backstage Pickathon party and a Dave Matthews tailgate. Sweet-tea vodka drinks are mixed in Mason jars, the nacho plates are haystack-sized, and if you're looking to throw a few bags, well, get in line. What gives Landmark its honky-tonk bona fides, then? The live music calendar, mostly, featuring some of the most authentic Americana acts in town— including Wednesday regulars Jake Ray and the Cowdogs, an outlaw-country throwback sure to make ol' Hag raise a can of Shiner Bock in salute.

Entertainment: Live music, cornhole, TV.