5128 N Albina Ave., 282-2934, redfoxpdx.com. 3 pm-1:30 am daily.

When the apocalypse comes a-knocking, Red Fox might make a pretty solid place to ride it out. It's at the heart of everything you'd need to survive. First off, it's attached to the Cherry Sprout co-op, so you have healthy options to augment the joint's incredible bacon-wrapped Sonoran dog ($7). Across the street, you've got tunes at Mississippi Records, which lends its stuff to the bar in case the bartender—who alternates between happy to see you or inconvenienced by your very existence—tires of playing Angelo Badalamenti scores from his iPod. And, of course, the place is comfy as all hell. Well-worn and springy booths nearly absorb you, especially after a few rounds of Free Range Red or $1 tallboys of Old German. The outdoor row of tables give off the vibe of kicking it in your own backyard. Actually, maybe this isn't the place to ride out the apocalypse. You might be too relaxed to ward off danger.

Happy hour: 3-6 pm daily. Food specials, $1 off beer and wells.

Entertainment: Jukebox.