720 SE Sandy Blvd., 265-8807, rumclubpdx.com. 4 pm-2 am daily.

The now-classic Rum Club welcomes first-daters, out-of-towners, patio smokers and especially cocktail aficionados who avoid the inflated prices and vest-and-bow-tie fussiness of westside mixology shrines. But more than anything, it is the bar where off-shift bartenders most often will tell you they spend their time—if they're not at, like, B-Side. They're known for some of the best bartenders in town, working from one of the best shelves in town—ask them about their house rum blends, including two named for the staffers who assembled them. The bar will make you a mind-bending daiquiri or fruit cocktail such as the Peach Blended—an umbrella drink made with blended rum, fresh peaches, lime and sugar—that is as good as blended drinks get. But don't overlook the mainstay Pedro Martínez, which mixes aged rum with maraschino, Torino vermouth and bitters and is possibly perfect.

Happy hour: 4-6:30 pm Monday-Saturday, all night Sunday. Snack and cocktail specials.