What does Mount Hood mean to you?

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A lot of us have pictures of the mountain. Or pictures of our last camping trip on the mountain. Or pictures of us hiking near the mountain. But not all of us have good ones—strong, professional images that capture Hood's many personalities in high resolution. But nearly 100 photographers who competed in our Mount Hood Photography Contest (facilitated by Pro Photo Supply) definitely do, and we share our favorites here. 

A panel of judges from Willamette Week and Pro Photo selected these winning images from a pool of exceptional photographs we oohed and aahed at. At the outset, we thought we were craving pictures with more action involved—skiers, campers, faces of happy people loving Mount Hood. But in the end, we couldn't deny that what Mount Hood meant to us in that moment was its stand-alone beauty, which is really difficult to capture adequately through a lens. These, we think, do a pretty nice job.

Winner: Johny Yun
The Runners Up