Top Five Local Music Podcasts

1. Party Boyz (

Rachel Milbauer and Elizabeth Elder—Portland's Abbi and Ilana—shoot the shit with various local bands over brunch, often with hilariously digressive results.

2. Crate Diggers (

DJs Verbz and Steez deep-dive into the art of vinyl excavation with local producers, primarily of the hip-hop variety—and sometimes talk about robots.

3. Faces on the Radio (

Full disclosure: I've been on the show twice. But there's good reason for that. Imagine sports-talk radio, if all the shouting was about music.

4. Rose City Round (

Songwriters of various persuasions unplug and discuss their muse in a rotating format. Recorded live at Kelly's Olympian.

5. The Gritty Birds (

A new podcast hosted by singer Jeni Wren, offering an in-depth look at the industry via the region's "insider elite." See below for information on the Episode 1 release show. 

GO: The Gritty Birds podcast day party release show, featuring Alameda, Mikey Fountaine and Krist Krueger, is at Tender Loving Empire, 3541 SE Hawthorne Blvd., on Saturday, June 6. 3 pm. Free. All ages.