All Smiles is the artistic alias of Jim Fairchild, who spent 11 years as the guitarist for California psyche-poppers Grandaddy and currently moonlights as a member of Modest Mouse. Even if you've never heard Fairchild's two previous solo albums, though, you probably could've guessed his associations just by listening to this track from the upcoming Staylow and Mighty. It has the slippery, slightly askew feeling of Isaac Brock and co., strolling along on an off-balance riff and sunny-and-stoned pop hook.

The new All Smiles record, featuring support work from Gary Jarman of the Cribs (no relation to Casey, we don't think) and Menomena's Danny Seim, drops digitally and on vinyl on March 1 (pre-order here). Fairchild describes it thusly:   

It's an album that seems to be mostly about deciding it's okay to live with ghosts.  And also that it's cool to leave some ghosts in the breeze, for better climes.

Well, that certainly explains the spoooooooooooooky artwork, then.