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Updated: Commissioner Randy Leonard's Daughter Dies

City Commissioner Randy Leonard cleared his schedule this week, because "he has just had a death in the family," according to an email an assistant sent out this morning. The Clark County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that the deceased is Leonard's daughter, Kara, age 31. According to a sheriff's news release issued this morning, Kara Leonard sustained a gunshot wound to the head Sunday afternoon on Larch Mountain in east Clark County.

Kara Leonard was one of Leonard's three children from his first marriage. She struggled with substance abuse throughout her adult life, a struggle she referred to on Twitter as recently as Saturday. (Her brief Twitter bio described her this way: "I am in recovery from a heroin addiction and trying to learn how to live this life, be the best girl friend, mom, daughter, sister, friend and woman I can be.")

Her father also spoke openly about her difficulties, including at a screening for the 2007 documentary "Finding Normal."

Randy Leonard was not available for comment.