TBA Diary: Ten Tiny Dances

TBA's annual late-night Ten Tiny Dances show didn't get going till after 11 pm this year, but was worth the wait. This was a greatest hits show reprising earlier 10TD performances, all of which force the choreographers and dancers to use a small stage and a short time slot. Danielle Ross' opening dance was further constrained by a virtual cage of bright green beams, and every time she touched one, percussive sounds (incuding breaking glass samples) would follow. (The striking sound was designed by Christi Denton, whose Electrogals ensemble has a big show coming up next month.) Impressive music, by veteran Portland electronic theater composer Heather Perkins, also accompanied Reed College choreographer Carla Mann and Jim McGinn's gorgeous duet. 

SEE IT: PICA's ninth Time-Based Art festival continues through Sept. 18.

Brett Campbell is Willamette Week's classical music editor.