Future Drinking: Jan. 9-12

This week in OLCC applications.

Where's the Star Trek shot? Don't worry, I haven't run out. But this week we're celebrating the bizarre news that North Killingsworth chippy The Fish & Chip Shop has opened a Doctor Who-themed bar, the TARDIS Room.

Other big news: Boiler Room owner Nicole Jones has applied to open Jones Bar in the building that for years housed the enormous and occasionally punchy McFadden's. According to the application, we may expect dancing and video games, but no karaoke.

Slabtown's Emanon Cafe has closed and been reborn as Caps & Corks bottle shop.

Multnomah County's Ship Tavern has applied to finally start serving liquor.

So has Alberta-neighborhood pizza joint Al Forno Ferruzza.

Hollywood's Aliviar Coffeehouse has applied to start serving beer and wine.

The awesome/scary Super King Buffet on Southeast 82nd Avenue has applied to start serving beer and wine.

The space once occupied by Pork on Fire—still my favorite Portland restaurant name—will soon become UC Green Cafe. Your guess is as good as mine.

Side-by-side restaurants Bartini and Urban Fondue have changed hands.

Kelly Peake, the owner of Lake Oswego's Play Boutique ("a modern family piazza"), is opening a cafe—with booze!—called Beeztro at the new Play location in Beaverton.

Winner's Motorsports Bar, a NASCAR-obsessed Parkrose establishment I had no idea existed, is changing its name to Winner's Motorsports Bar by GI.

Another Sandy Boulevard bar, Fire Escape Bar and Grill, is changing its name to simply Escape Bar and Grill.

Way-outer-northeast joint River Plate Sports is becoming Tienda Mexicana Imar. They're coming for our bars!

Gresham will soon have a locavore burger joint called The Local Cow in a former quilt shop at 336 N Main St.