Roger Rabbit, the 18th rabbit stolen from the backyard of Portland Meat Collective farmer Levi Cole, was returned to his owner this afternoon, ending nearly a week of hostage negotiations with the animal-rights activist who kept him.

"He made it home," said Cole earlier tonight. "He's hopping around our living room as we speak."

But Roger would not be staying in Cole's house for long. The farmer, who teaches DIY butchery classes at the Meat Collective, didn't want his breeder bunny stolen again.

"He's being moved to happy home in the countryside," Cole told WW.

The Portland Police celebrated Roger's recovery with a statement, but added that they are still investigating the theft.

"Detectives would still like to hear from anyone who has information regarding the theft of the rabbits and their placement with Rabbit Advocacy."

Rabbit Advocates, a local rabbit adoption and outreach organization, was given the rabbits by the thief, and returned 17 of them on Friday, Jan. 13.

But the woman who kept Roger "grew attached" to him, and wouldn't give him back. A source told WW Tuesday that the woman holding Roger hired defense attorney Lisa Ludwig and was trying to negotiate "joint custody and visitation rights for the rabbit." The rabbitnapping became a flashpoint for hostilities between Portland's DIY butchers and its animal-rights activists.