News that Portland's Kettleman Bagels had been sold to the vastly inferior national chain Noah's Bagels in November last year was met with sadness and anger, but employees told WW that they had been assured "nothing is changing" except the name.

Well, that turned out to be a stinking pile of excrement: The company yesterday announced that all five Kettleman locations will be rebranded under another Noah's company, Einstein Bagels, and will be ditching all but three of Kettleman's original kosher boiled bagels.

To decide which three "flavors" would survive, the company launched a Facebook poll. But like so many  social media campaigns by big brands, the reaction hasn't been what they were looking for...

There are so many, many more on the Einstein Bros Bagels Facebook page.

What say you, readers? Will you be breaking up with Einstein-Kettleman? Where will you take your hard-earned bagel bucks instead?