Mayoral Madness: Bud Clark Regional Round 3

The Bud Clark regional—named after the most gregarious mayor the city ever produced—has been oddly deserted over the first two rounds, perhaps because the frontrunner is a dessert.

Maybe if we had put googly eyes on it, you'd have been more passionate about the bacon maple bar—or as we call her at the office, Miss Piggy Tree-sap. And if only Tres Shannon had not recused himself in order to devote his time to not opening the Portland P Palace!

Anyway, on to the voting. Remember, you can vote for Conrad Jarrett over here, and see the whole bracket here.

1. Bacon maple bar5. Paul Bunyan statue, He’s tall

14. Gert Boyle, Columbia Sportswear big boss15. Reo Varnado, Snoop’s rib-cooking uncle