You can't spend a month eating your way through Portland's frozen desserts without doing some fro-yo. So here we go:

Cool Harry's Yogurt
Southwest 10th and Alder St.,

Price per scoop: $2.75 for a “very small.” A “very small” is about a cup.
Most popular flavor: There are only two flavors on any given day, so “original tart,” which is always available, wins by default.
The person in front of me: Mom, mid-30s, t-shirt and faded jeans, conducting a stroller the size of a Toyota Yaris.
Best for: A chilly break from office drudgery.

The enormous penguin mascot painted on the side of this downtown cart looks like that of a Linux shell for the calorie-conscious. But you'll find more giggling teenagers than svelte Torvaldian coders at Cool Harry's. It's a minimalist outfit, trafficking in two varieties of soft-serve fro-yo daily. The "original tart" is always on tap, and the second flavor changes frequently. When I visited, it was pomegranate.

I don't like frozen yogurt much. If I'm going to have a low-fat ice cream alternative, I'd rather eat a good fruit sorbet. Many frozen yogurts available around town are made with too much sugar, to cover up the tartness, and carrageenan, to give the impression of fattiness where there is little. But Cool Harry's is about as good as frozen yogurt can be: Thick but not gooey, smooth, a little sweet and quite tart. The pomegranate flavor is subtle, but pleasant. And the stuff is cold. I went through three brain-freeze cycles while eating my single, small cup. Good stuff. Would do business again, etc.

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