Metro Pushes Headquarters Hotel Decision Back

Decision another blow for Mayor Adams

The Metro Council had been scheduled to vote on a pending proposal to develop a hotel next to the Oregon Convention center next month but as Metro's in-house news reporter Nick Christensen wrote this afternoon that is not going to happen.

The long-planned, on-again off-again 600-room project has been a top priority for Metro Council President Tom Hughes and for Mayor Sam Adams. It's the second delay of a high-profile project important to Adams this week. On Tuesday, the city's Planning and Sustainability Commission pushed back annexation of West Hayden Island for new port facilities. Like all departing mayors, Adams would like to leave tangible projects behind. And while both deals could get done in the future, other politicians will then claim Adams' share of the credit.

Here's the statement Hughes gave Christensen today: 

we’re just not there yet,"