John McAfee, Part 3: "I Just Tell Them Things Which Make Them Go, 'He's a Madman.'"

John McAfee
(For Part 1 of this interview, about McAfee's move to Portland, click here. For Part 2, about money and sex, click here.)

At various times in the past couple of years, McAfee, the software magnate turned fugutive, has said that he has experimented with the rectal application of MDPV, a synthetic drug also known as "bath salts." And McAfee, who took his fortune to Belize and has now landed in Portland after the mysterious murder of his neighbor, has recently claimed to have orchestrated a spying caper on the elite in the Central American country.

And now he tells WW he's looking to buy a home in Portland.

Is there truth to any of it? We're not quite sure what to believe, but in this third part of our interview with McAfee (here are Parts One and Two), he talks about the media, how he often tries to make himself look crazy to reporters, and why he has chosen three major news outlets (Vice magazine, The Sunday Times of London, and Dateline NBC) to give what he says is his true account of life in Belize and his flight from that country as a "person of interest" in the death of his neighbor, Gregory Faull.

In the Times piece, which came out today, McAfee says he is keeping a high profile in the media so it's more difficult for assassins to target him. 

“This is not fun,” he told the Times. “This is a necessary evil. I need your help so they don’t come and shoot me in the head.”

Here's what he told us:


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