Willamette Week's Office on Portlandia: An Annotated Guide to Our Junk

Hey, our stuff is on the teevee!

This week Portlandia aired a sketch set at the Portland Tribune, which was actually filmed inside  Willamette Week's office in Northwest Portland.

So what's all that crap scattered around? Don't worry, we know you're dying to know. We're stoked that our stuff is on national television, even if most of us were deemed unfit for camera. WW explains with this annotated catalog of every person we know and every piece of our office junk appearing in the background, in chronological order.

But first, of course, the sketch itself:

Exterior shot of building... is not our own; it's the Leftbank building at 240 N. Broadway. Our building actually looks like this.


Woman in center of the room with bangs, nose ring and glasses... actual WW copy editor Jessica Pedrosa.

Best of Portland 2006 foam finger above the Arts & Culture intern corral... we're still gnarly after all these years, brah! 

Young seated brunette woman in glasses and white jacket... actual WW intern Olga Kozinskiy.

Plant on desk in intern corral... was brought by producers. We do not own a single houseplant.

Perrier bottles scattered around office... all property of staff writer Aaron Mesh, who is a very fancy man, indeed.

Paper cut-out of pineapple... was a favorite of former office dog Bruce. Origin unknown; Bruce now lives on a farm.

Mannequin head with half its head shaved... looks suspiciously like Ruth Brown's hair. She denies any involvement.

Red ballcap... signed by former Blazers center Jerome Kersey. Property of staff writer Aaron Mesh, gift from former music editor Casey Jarman.

George Wendt's desk... is staff writer Nigel Jaquiss's desk. This is 100% authentic. The stacks of papers on this desk have gone untouched for centuries, but some believe that underneath one of the binder stacks lie the remains of mysteriously disappeared plane hijacker D.B.Cooper.

"Bunny Killers" rack card... is one of the cards we use to induce passersby to take our paper off the newsstand by promising them an amazing story (or something to complain about, if they're vegans). This is perhaps the most misleading rack card in WW history. That is a big statement.

The bookcase behind Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.... is arts and culture editor Martin's Cizmar's bookcase, which he is very happy to see on television. Has Aaron Mesh's Block Busters cover story stuck to it.

The other bookcase... houses two decades worth of Eugene Weekly and is presumably that unaffiliated paper's official archive. Also, a compact edition of the OED that requires a microscope to read.

Door behind Carrie and Fred as they lecture George... goes to editor-in-chief Mark Zusman's office. It's closed. Uh oh.

White board covered in writing... is managing news editor Brent Walth diagramming a single 50-word news brief for Murmurs.

TriMet maps in the meeting room... are from October 2011. We're pretty sure the buses don't go to all those places anymore.

County maps in the meeting room... are left over from reporter Corey Pein's classic "The Other Portland." They are now used for pinning our hopes and dreams to random places on the map. Yesterday, we found true love in Estacada.

Ruth Brown and Matthew Korfhage contributed to this report.