Three days after The Oregonian finished laying off nearly a quarter of its newsroom staff, the paper's new digital company, Oregonian Media Group, is advertising reporting jobs at the paper. 

Oregonian Media Group, the new company formed by The Oregonian, has begun posting job openings this morning—for a general assignment reporter, a music critic, a content data analyst, and an advertorial editor.

"You will be part of an exciting initiative to take us even further into the digital space, but also join a team that already has solid multimedia savvy," the general-assignment reporter listing says. While we value experience, talent is the pivotal factor, and we are proactive about professional development, whether you are a 10-year veteran or just starting your journalistic career.

A company called Workforce Strategies, Inc. has also posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a general assignment reporter at The Oregonian

UPDATE, 12:35 pm: Anderson verifies to WW the job offers are authentic.

"We'll be advertising open positions for Oregonian Media Group and Advance Central Services Oregon using a wide variety of sources; obviously, LinkedIn is one of those," Anderson says in an email. "We'll be posting on and many other places – even The Oregonian. And in the case of positions in the content area, we have a significant number of applications on hand and will review those as well."

On Thursday, the paper announced it is moving to a digital-first reporting strategy and reducing home delivery to four days a week. It then laid off more than 45 employees in a newsroom of 218.

Publisher N. Christian Anderson has pledged that although The Oregonian laid off staff last week, the paper will have the same number of reporters when it debuts its changes on Oct. 1.

"Peter Bhatia, our editor, told his staff Thursday that as we have about 90 reporters now, we will have 90 reporters on October 1," Anderson wrote in an editorial yesterday. "Some of our content staff will be new, replacing some well-known names and faces that will be leaving us sometime this summer."

The job listing suggests that new jobs at The Oregonian will be heavily focused on web traffic. The employee will be expected to "monitor websites for aggregation opportunities" and "post supplementary content in coordination with related content reporters."

Here is the full listing posted by Oregonian Media Group:

We are expanding our pool of talented Reporters and you may take

assignments in a variety of areas, from public safety to municipal

government to entertainment to neighborhoods / communities. If you show a

particular talent in one area, and depending on our needs, that area

may become a focus for you. In most cases you will cover stories

independently, although you may also work in collaboration with others,

or act as a "supplementary" reporter to support a lead Reporter.

Your main activities will include:

Covering breaking news as a general assignment reporter and providing in-depth analysis as needed.Acting as a discussion leader during periods of intense traffic.Adding depth and engagement on the hottest topics / stories at any

given time to ensure an immediate and steady response to breaking news.Monitoring websites for aggregation opportunities.Posting supplementary content in coordination with related content reporters.Monitoring reader response through audience data, comment streams

and social media reaction, while engaging with readers on all platforms.Recording, editing and posting topical video / audio / photos.

More specifically, you will:

Gather information and write journalistically sound news elements

for use in all media platforms, existing and future, that is balanced

and factual, timely and topical, and well-sourced and contextually

correct.Learn and employ all techniques for effective digital reporting across all platforms, including but not limited to:

Frequent, incremental posting throughout the day.Story aggregation and topical link-posting.Monitoring and engaging in reader comment streams on local market website impact pages.Elevating comments into new posts when appropriate.Interacting on social media platforms, with story shares,

objective commentary, and promoting the news organization's content

initiatives.Understanding and employing the means for monitoring audience

interest and competitors' posting on your topic, including setting up

Google alerts, Twitter and RSS feeds.

Work independently and remotely, while maintaining operational

communication with your editor and, when applicable, production center.Develop and maintain working knowledge of and use hardware,

software and cloud-based equipment and systems for direct-to-web

production and engagement, including but not limited to:

Taking photographs and short video, and posting it to the web as well as uploading to any internal production systems.Using laptops and smartphones for remote web reporting.Using the Moveable Type content management system, and any future CMS.

Understand the news organization's audience traffic tracking systems and analytical reports.Keep abreast of industry advances and proactively consider new

methods of reaching audiences including engaging, interactive and

optimized product offerings.

Note: this description is intended to give you a general overview of

the position and is not an exhaustive listing of duties and