"Post No Bills" Sign Attracts More Than 60 Bills

UPDATE: Bills taken down after complaint, Bobs went right up.

Never accuse Eastmoreland residents of not keeping up with their Bills.

When Eastmoreland Golf Course tacked a "Post No Bills" sign on its fence along Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, they weren't expecting people to reject the instruction so literally.

The sign has stirred Portlanders to post pictures of people named Bill on the fence, including Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Clinton, Billy Crystal, William Shatner and Bilbo Baggins. (There's also a picture of the bill from Schoolhouse Rock.)

Parks and Recreation spokesman Mark Ross says the fence was getting a lot of garage sale posters and band handbills. The golf course added the sign after a neighbor complained.

"It was a very Portland reaction," Ross tells WW.

Our news partner, KATU, reported on the Bill montage earlier this week. Since then, the story's coverage and the number of pictures has grown, landing on Reddit and George Takei's page.

The most recent picture of the fence, released by Portland Parks & Recreation, shows more than 60 Bills. Parks and Rec posted the picture on its Facebook page today.

Don't worry, Portland Parks & Recreation has a pretty awesome sense of humor," the bureau wrote. "And we will leave the Bills up unless they are in danger of getting ratty and blowing away."

Ross says after the collection of Bills started Parks & Recreation and Eastmoreland Golf Course agreed to keep the pictures up.

But which Bill is Ross' favorite Bill?

"Mr. Bill was a great one," Ross says. "He's probably tied with William Shakespeare. But it's like asking someone, 'what's your favorite dessert.'"

UPDATE: Bob is the new Bill. After a complaint by a neighbor, the Bill signs were taken down, which spurred a new flip on the "Post no Bills" notice: posting pictures of Bobs, including Bob Marley, Bob Saget and Bob Ross. Redditors are on the scene.


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