Who says this country's politics are hopelessly polarized? Talk radio hosts Lars Larson and Carl Wolfson have reached across the aisle to agree on something: selling gold.

Larson is the right-wing pundit who rules Portland's talk airwaves, and Wolfson the progressive morning host now returning to terrestrial radio after losing KPOJ-AM 620 to sports.

This week, they began appearing on television together, in a commercial for Liberty Coin and Currency, the regional precious-metals retailer.

The spot is below. "The ad is already more successful than healthcare.gov!" Wolfson jokes.

(Maybe he's in a good mood because after starting an Internet show, he's back on Oregon's terrestrial airwaves—he now airs Mondays on Salem's KMUZ 88.5 FM, and he's been lured to upcoming Portland station KXRY 91.1 FM by Jefferson Smith.)

But Wolfson, the former stand-up comic, has a serious suggestion for what he and Larson could do next. "I think Lars and I could co-host a very entertaining TV show," he says.

Larson hasn't ruled out the possibility.

"I'd love to have a TV show with Carl," he writes WW, "if we could build a studio where he could sit that far to the left!"