Drake Ruined Portland's Morning Commute

A truck containing the rapper's stage gear flips over on the I-5.

Drake to Portland: Whoopsy daisy!

Late for work today? As with most things in this modern world, you can blame Drake.

A truck containing gear for the rapper-singer-Rihanna BFF's show tonight at the Moda Center overturned on the I-5 in North Portland early Tuesday morning, spilling gallons of diesel fuel onto the freeway and tying up traffic until 8:30 amaccording to KPTV. 

While the driver was taken to the hospital, the extent of his injuries unknown, rest assured, ticket-holders: The show will go on as planned. Phew!

It's unclear what kind of gear the truck was carrying, but knowing Drake, it was probably three giant scented candles, a few thousand baggy tank tops and a life-sized, heart-shaped pod he will emerge from a la Spinal Tap. And I'm sure he'll drunk dial every single one of you when he returns to his hotel room tonight and apologize profusely for the inconvenience. 

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