Well, shoot. Three years after being voted Portland's Best New Band, the rough-and-tumble jazz-folk-punk grab-bag known as Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside is breaking up. Aside from its somewhat surprising BNB victory, the band's career highlights included two albums (the most recent, Untamed Beast, came out earlier this year) an appearance on David Letterman and making it big in France.

This means the band's upcoming back-to-back shows at Doug Fir this weekend will be its last. Here's the band's official statement, taken from its Facebook page. A silver lining is included within: Sallie Ford herself is already starting a new, as-yet-unnamed all-girl project. 

"Hey, everybody. There will be changes for us in 2014. Sallie Ford & The Sound outside have decided to break up and head their separate ways. It is a mutual decision and there are no hard feelings or ill will between any of us. We still love and support each other in whatever we do.You can expect to see more from Sallie in 2014, as she's been writing for a new record. She is keeping her name in a new project and starting an all-girl band with some really talented local ladies, us guys are excited to see them churn out the hits, so keep your ears peeled.Jeff plans on takin 'er easy in Portland, spending time with his family and loved ones and playin' music.Ford plans on going back to school, solving some secret math problems he's been stewing up and playing in other musical projects. Tyler is gonna catch up on some motorcycle projects he has been putting off, find some studio work, and you'll likely see him playing at an old-timey square dance!Please come out and celebrate with us for our last two Portland shows at the Doug Fir December 20th and 21st. We will have special posters for sale, our new "Summer EP" on vinyl and other awesome merch! 

We grateful for all we have been able to accomplish, and we wouldn't have, had we not had the love and support of you awesome fans. Thank you."

Dang. Probably shouldn't have made those jokes about the "Best New Band curse" back in February.

Here's that clip of the band's appearance on Letterman back in 2011.