Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the rare hybrid that's not listed in the strain encyclopedia on

For those of you who can't decide whether to smoke an indica strain for physical and mental relaxation, or a sativa for a motivated, brainy high, Dogwalker OG should be an exciting proposition. It's not only a hybrid strain of both indica and sativa, it was produced from two hybrid parents. And this second-generation mutt is a damn interesting smoke.  

Led by woodsy, peppery aromas, and accompanied by hints of skunky kush, the smell is followed by a piney taste that's disappointing in comparison. A pleasant, tingling numbness from head to toe comes first after smoking, preceding overall physical relaxation. A slight head high creeps in over time, bringing about relative focus, but D.OG is ultimately a strain best used for chilling out. 

It's Sunrise verified at 29.3% THC, perhaps one of the highest-tested strains in the area. Eyes feel heavy after a serious smoke session, not ideal if high-pressure obligations are on the immediate horizon. When your neighbors are boisterous morning people even on Saturdays, a little D.OG can be trusted to lull you back to sleep without knocking you out until 2 pm. 

Dogwalker is grown by the collective Jade Gardens, and found at Nectar, which is at Northwest 13th and Overton.