Yeezy Dips a Toe into PDX Retail

After quietly announcing on Tumblr they will be receiving Kanye West's Yeezy Season 1 Fall/ Winter 2015 in October, Machus announced its full spring line including pieces from Y-3 pieces, Chapter, Publish, Stampd, Represent, and local Portland brand Tabor Made. Machus also features other local products like Aaron Draplin's Field Notes, and store owner Justin Machus' own label. All of it is black and white, maybe grey, but Machus doesn't stock anything in color.

Adorning Portland's Power Moms

Adorn launched its spring collection of Prairie Underground pieces, including some made specifically for Adorn. Seattle-based Prairie Underground has a huge Portland following. It fits the ideal look of Portland's outdoorsy but image-conscious moms, featuring dresses and lightweight jackets in contemporary styles—lots of earthtones. They can be found in Nordstroms, but often stick to smaller, local boutiques. 

Photo from Adorn

Colorful Haberdasher Heads to TEDx

Poler Stuff Creative Director and Co-Owner Benji Wagner will speak at Portland's TEDx this year. He sells a lot of adventure gear under the "Camp Vibes" slogan, but Poler Stuff is really known for its hats. Poler’s vision is very much the zeitgeist of what Portland is exporting to other cities in America. Stumptown, Pok Pok and Salt ‘n’ Straw are leading the charge, expanding Portland's artisanal, outdoorsy and classic vibe to places like L.A. and New York, with stored like Tanner Goods in tow. 

From Portland TEDx Facebook


I <3 PDX
Portland Gear is city branded clothing that isn't just for tourists.“I <3 NY” t-shirts and “Cali-life” flag hoodies abound, but Portland gear wants to brand the city with better taste. â€œI don't want to complicate it like everyone else does and just add a rose, bridge and make it black and red. I want gear that tells a story,” Harvey said. After obtaining the @portland instagram name and building up 90,000 followers he's mainly posting pictures that sell the city; the T-shirt sales come second.

Harvey purchased a VW Bus and is in the process of making it a spectacle in itself, beautifying it with a new shell, interiors and a photo booth  â€œIts my way of bringing social media to the consumer, and giving them something to actually touch and feel, not see on a screen.” Says Harvey. Like Portland, the bus welcomes everyone. Portlanders "co-exist well, and have created this amazing melting pot of interesting people," he says. "Hipster coffee drinkers, sit right next to big business men, who sit next to east side garden growers and Kombucha drinkers. Everyone can be whatever and who ever they want to be, and the city has a place for them.”

Marcus Harvey