Gov. Kate Brown Pulls Plug On Attempt to Replace Low Carbon Fuel Standard with Transportation Package

Transportation deal is dead, at least for now.

Gov. Kate Brown this morning put an end to  negotiations with leading legislators aimed at repealing the low-carbon fuel standard, a controversial law she signed in March, and replacing it with a $343 million package of transportation improvements funded by a gas-0tax increase, higher vehicle fees and an increased transit tax. 

In backing away from the low-carbon fuel standard, Brown had proposed a package of carbon-reductions measures as part of a broader transportation package. She claimed the reductions would be larger than what was offered by the low-carbon fuel standard, which would require an increased use of alternative fuels.

Environmentalists—infuriated by Brown's 180-degree turn on the carbon-fuel standard—expressed skepticism about her claim.

In her statement today, Brown acknowledged that there was insufficient time to overcome opposition to the switch before the Legislature adjourns, which could be within the next 10 days.

Brown's announcement comes less than 24 hours after a lengthy hearing on the proposed swap, which was embedded in House Bill 2281. Testimony in the hearing undercut the premise that the new package would produce greater carbon-emissions reductions than the low-carbon fuel standard, making a deal impossible.

Brown said she'll keep trying to find a solution.