Finder is Willamette Week's annual guide to Portland: the neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, galleries, nightlife, brands, businesses, music, artists, makers, publications and ideas that make this city what it is. It's about 150 pages long, full color and printed up as one big, beautiful magazine. 

In these pages you'll find:

The Five Quadrants— Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, and North—each with its own character. Flip to one, pick a neighborhood that strikes your fancy, and explore. We hope you'll choose to repeat the exercise. (Note: Most lists in this guide are alphabetical. Each quadrant's neighborhoods, however, are listed according to their distance from the city center, closest first.)

Buy PDX—the largest section of this year's guide—shows you where to shop for old and new fashions , home furnishings and active gear; artistic pursuits; and things to eat, drink or smoke. 

Arts & Entertainment—these pursuits represent a huge part of this city's soul, from music to theater to comedy and visual arts.

Astoria? Yes, Astoria—one of our favorite road trips, complete with a pound of battered fish and a Goonies walking tour.

Resources & Tips—this should help with day-to-day life back at home.

Interspersed throughout these pages are peeks into civic life—including three big stories that affected Portland this year—and features on people and places that fascinate us.

Please share and enjoy this guide, and do your best to give it that true Portland dog-eared look.      

2015's Finder will be free all through August of this year at the locations on the map below, but if you miss out, you can still purchase a copy for $5 from Powell's, all year.