Royal Purple | Parentage: Purple Urkle x Purple Mayhem (Bulldog Cut)

Breeder: Norstar Genetics

Grower: Boring Weed Co.

Cannabinoid content: 23% THC, 0.1% CBD

About the grower: Located in Boring, Ore., Boring Weed Co. is the recreational manufacturing arm of lauded medical producer Real McCoy Farms. This indoor facility curates an impressive menu of ornamental yet flavorful chemovars, specializing in rare, clone-only cuts. Employing a combination of mineralized and organic inputs, Boring creates flowers from two worlds—those with a sculptural appeal more common to hydro and synthetics, but with nuanced flavors and potent effects reserved for organics.

Aroma and flavor: Defying the tangerine and arugula elements that dominate Royal Purple's aromatic profile, perfumed lavender, bar soap and spicy, nose-tickling tree bark take prominence in the smoke, clearing and conflating for subtleties of incense and cantaloupe.

Potential effects: I predict stony, serene and lethargic outcomes from this onyx-purple designer weed—a slow and joyful high that approaches meditative and stops short of sedative.

Buy it: Portland Extracts, 2123 SE Division St.

Smarties | Parentage: Girl Scout Cookies x Blue City Diesel

Breeder: Connected Seed Co.

Cannabinoid content: 27.8% THC, 1.5% CBD

About the grower: Formerly known as Burnside Garden Collective, Archive is the Portland recreational manufacturing branch of world-renowned West Coast cannabis preservation and breeding group Archive Seed Bank. The Archive collective holds an extensive collection of living cannabis genetics—roughly 750 cultivars registered with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission that were sourced directly from a diverse population of breeders across the country. Additionally, the class-leading flowers from Archive's indoor production garden are vertically integrated through the collective's deep Southeast retail location, Archive Portland, where you can also find cup-winning seeds and clones.

Aroma and flavor: If you're a fan of parent strain Blue City Diesel and its sour-berry flavor, Archive's Smarties should conjure fond memories. The citrus-dominant aroma is tart and earthen, wood-spiced and coffee-rubbed—a density of competing scents as pierced by a sharp, candied every-fruit. When smoked, a bright pucker coats the mouth—lemongrass and raspberry at the front of the tongue and orange Tic Tac at the back—and lingers beyond exhale, dimming into floral layers that had me guessing between geranium and rose petal and lilac.

Potential effects: Cerebral, grounding and mostly lucid, the citrus-dominant terpene profile and potent cannabinoid entourage simultaneously encourage a positive headspace and centered mental energy while delivering mild-to-moderate pain-relief characteristics.

Buy it: TreeHouse Collective, 2419 NE Sandy Blvd.; Archive Portland, 10645 SE Henry St.

Lemon Meringue | Parentage: Lemon Skunk x Cookies and Cream

Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Cannabinoid content: 22.3% THC

About the grower: For nearly three decades, the pointy hats behind Gnome Grown Organics have cultivated cannabis in the greater Portland area—refining the regenerative, earth-friendly farming techniques in use today on their closed-loop, 30-acre farm. Native streams, fruit trees and an old-growth landscape are the assets Gnome Grown inherited from its beloved property, where sun-assisted cultivation enclosures draw from and contribute to a healthy, sustainable ecosystem using closed-loop agricultural practices alongside biodynamic nutritional and pest management solutions. Gnome Grown's cultivars span hybridized classics to newer-school strains, all of which can be found at the manufacturer's chain of retail outposts in Oregon City and soon in Portland.

Aroma and flavor: Saccharine after-dinner wine, bubblegum and overripe lemons compose the nose, affording a sweetness that carries over to the smoke—a sugary front colored by disparate secondary impressions ranging from raw cashew to indoor-pool air.

Potential effects: With spikes of myrcene and terpinolene beside 22 points of THC, Lemon Meringue is a hazy-headed mood enhancer. Like a La Croix for your head, this cultivar is well-suited as an after-work pick-me-up or day-off companion. Daydreamy, creative and mind-expanding, it's an emotional refreshment to free you from stress, anxiety and gloomy feels.

Buy it: Gnome Grown Oregon, 719 Molalla Ave.;  2005 Beavercreek Road; Oregon City.