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Five Unique Cannabis Products You Never Knew You Needed

Ganja gadgets.

Purple Rose Supply's CannaMold Sets ($44-$49)
Perhaps the most egregious cannabinoid delivery system to hit the market in recent years is the cannabis cigar, or "cannagar." While the idea is tempting—puff on a pot-stuffed stogie for hours, like a stoned cartoon billionaire!—the price often dashes any hopes a common cannabis user has of trying one. California's Purple Rose Supply is trying to change that. With its do-it-yourself "CannaMold" kit, the company wants to help the less fortunate smoke like royalty by allowing you to pack your own cannagar. Inspired by the classic Thai stick, the G2 CannaMold set includes the mold, several bamboo skewers, a wooden mouthpiece and a tamping tool for $44 (a larger version is available for $49). Per the instructions, the cannabis needs at least a few hours in the mold to take on the classic cigar shape, with a few days being preferable. Make 3 grams last 45 minutes, with no refills? Even for lazy stoners, those numbers are hard to argue with. ALISON GOOTEE.
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Prrl Labs’ the Ember ($249 for the full kit)
The simplest way to explain the Ember is to imagine a lighter that somehow turns any pipe into a vaporizer. To be more fanciful, it’s kind of like having the power of Gambit from the X-Men—you have this ability to summon a very intense and controlled energy in the palm of your hand. In function, think of it as a handheld oven. It uses interchangeable, airtight gauges to fit over the top of your piece, depending on what you use. Press a button and a coil made from jetfighter metal heats up, giving you a nice, clean hit of terpene flavor without the black lung. The catch is that if you hold the Ember over your pot long enough, without pulling a hit, your nugs could catch and burn. I was careful enough and it never happened, and it was worth the excitement. The device is still in beta, but when it reaches its full potential, the dry-flower vape game will have changed. SPENCER WINANS.
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Rosin Tech’s Rosin Tech Go ($295)
Rosin is the product of applying heat and pressure to either whole or ground flower—or post-harvest trim—for a short period of time, drawing out the essential oils, cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower in the form of a thin, sticky extract that, when done right, accurately preserves the flavor of the start material, unadulterated by residual solvents. While industrious types have MacGyvered hair straighteners to generate the heat and pressure needed to make rosin, Rosin Tech, a company based in Los Angeles, is manufacturing a consumer-focused rosin press called the Rosin Tech Go that produces pro-grade extract for a relatively low introductory price. In person, it’s an impressive little machine that, after a short adjustment period, presents few if any significant operational issues while turning as little as a gram of flower into a dabbable extract. Techniques aside—you’ll want to play around to find the settings that are right for you—Rosin Tech’s Go is our new favorite hash machine. It’s a sturdy, function-first device that turns weed into delicious, solventless extract without complicating the experience by way of fussy design choices, messy cleanup or unnecessary bells and whistles. MATT STANGEL.
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Stonedware’s Purse Pipe ($55)
Regardless of how advanced or particular your own smoking habits have become, a basic handheld pipe always comes in handy. Maybe Mom wants to light up after dinner but has no business attempting to dab, or perhaps that viewpoint on the hike is far too windy to roll a joint. Whatever the situation, the Purse Pipe—a more strictly geometric little sister to Stonedware’s standard GeoPipes—is the epitome of a perfect handheld ceramic pipe, with a more generous bowl size of around five hits than tiny one-hitters of the same streamlined shape. In matte black or matte white, it’s a piece that will never go out of style. LAUREN YOSHIKO.
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Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter ($15.95-$26.95)
You’re on the train. You’re at work. You’re in a hotel room. You’re at a family get-together. If you’re out and about in the civilized world and want to hit your piece inside, you’re out of luck—unless you don’t mind being that guy, or blowing smoke into the neck of your T-shirt. This is my new favorite weed gadget, because, yeah, sure, it’s basically the same technology as an empty toilet paper roll filled with dryer sheets, but let’s be honest: Sometimes you want to vape on the couch watching TV without feeling the guilt of your family or housemates and having to open the windows, to air it out, or anywhere else that normally wouldn’t fly. If nothing else, this portable jug is an anti-guilt machine, a true friend that allows you to vape your flower or concentrate inside anywhere without the whiff of stigma that comes with blowing smoke in a shared space. SPENCER WINANS.
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