Location: Canby

Signature Strain: Durban Poison, a classic indica high in tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV, a cannabinoid that actually suppresses appetite, giving the strain a reputation as "diet weed."

To a certain degree, Tyler Haworth was forced into the canna-business. After his wife's second back surgery following a car accident in 2007, Haworth started experimenting with growing cannabis in his basement, to help her manage the pain without getting dependent on pills. Though he grew up in Eugene, he knew little about the plant, at least from an agricultural standpoint. A dozen years later, Haworth and his wife, Michelle, have turned Sofresh Farms into one of the most sustainability-focused cultivators in the state. Growing without pesticides, in a closed-loop greenhouse, Sofresh was one of the first Oregon farms to earn Certified Clean Green status. While Durban Poison is the strain they hang their hat on, the Haworths have produced many other top-shelf cultivars, including Veterans Kush, a stress-reliever that won't totally zonk the user out. MATTHEW SINGER.

Where to Find Them: Oregon's Finest, Oregon Weedery.