Go Outside

Pacific Juniper by Pruf Cultivar
Though Pacific Juniper smells as evergreen and ginny as its name suggests, the base coats are fairly typical of terpinolene-rich flowers: layers of bubblegum, coconut and pool water, which provide background for wood, spice and pine details. It radiates an uplifted headspace—happy and creative, yet with a decent degree of lucidity even when the weed is doing the thinking. Meanwhile, the caryophyllene's anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties ground the experience in a soothing sense of calm.

Wookie Girl '91 by Cloud Cover Cannabis
Pencil shavings, lavender and a dark, peppered tone of musk compose Wookie Girl '91's prominent aromatic elements. When smoked, a sharp and floral linalool front emerges in the style of perfume from the woody, Kush-family bag scent. Relaxing, clear of mind and mentally refreshing without much divergent headplay. Significant pain relief and anti-inflammatory characteristics are apparent, while avoiding the heavy sedation often coupled with those traits.

Lemon Meringue by Gnome Grown
Like a La Croix for your head, this cultivar is well-suited as an after-work pick-me-up or day-off companion. Daydreamy, creative and mind-expanding, it's an emotional refreshment to free you from stress, anxiety and gloomy feels. Saccharine after-dinner wine, bubblegum and overripe lemons compose the nose, affording a sweetness that carries over to the smoke—a sugary front colored by disparate secondary impressions ranging from raw cashew to indoor-pool air.

Go to Bed

Helen Back (Pinesicle cut) by High Noon
As the name would suggest, Pinesicle has potent pine-sap and sweetened condensed milk at the nose, incorporating pepper and skunk back notes that amplify when set to fire. The Pinesicle comes on slow as a series of cascading stupefactions—a warm, giddy uptick in mood that will replace any existing capacity for cognitive sharpness or lucidity. While labeled sativa, this is not get-shit-done weed. Rather, it's a feel-good cultivar that will crest in lethargic elation, lending itself a solution to the blues best saved for when productivity isn't a concern.

Black Widow by Trichome Farms
Terpinolene-dominant strains like Black Widow can be a little tricky in that they reliably elevate a consumer's mood and often get the sativa labeling for that reason. But in addition to enhancing a person's sense of well-being, terpinolene-rich cultivars are observed to be reliable sedatives—a trait more commonly associated with the indica shelf. Black Widow's high can be characterized as cozy, emotionally warm and cognitively lucid, offering itself as a suitable bedtime joint if a busy mind is what's keeping you from your Z's.

Shiatsu Kush by Fidus Family Farms
Shiatsu's aroma touches on a harmony of opposites and anomalies: sweet tomato leaf and sour red grapes, M&M shells and piney junipers. The flavor is notably more simple—a long, rogue, spicy note that's probably due to the cultivar's ocimene-dominant terpene profile. Sedate, body-deep and a little spacey, Shiatsu Kush is nighttime herb that should aid in sleep and relaxation.

Go to the Couch

Scott's OG by Nelson & Co. Organics
Scott's OG is a powerhouse mashup of old-school, breeder-favorite Kush varietals: The widely circulated, Florida-born Triangle Kush is mated with Rare Dankness #1—a creation born of the very same clone-only Triangle Kush and a Ghost OG back-cross. The all-star lineage doesn't disappoint. Nelson & Co.'s expression of Scott's OG cuts directly through anything else that might've been smoked hours prior, blanching a consumer's field of vision with a telltale and immediate flood of neural stimulation. A renewed appreciation for spring flowers and shiny things—think YouTube roulette and Reddit rabbit holes—are all likely outcomes from this wildly potent Kush.

Gorilla Snacks by Heroes of the Farm
A nostalgic, hot pencil-eraser aroma best characterizes Gorilla Snacks' scent and flavor—a burnt-rubber quality that's undeniably present from first whiff to exhale. If this description makes you smoke-thirsty, then you've found a new best friend. It's a cultivar for the heads who want something exceptionally powerful—well beyond what's suggested by the strain's cannabinoid content—hitting body and mood notes with equal depth and hammer strength, imparting a drowsy, almost-functional experience that courts the cheeky side of upbeat.

Royal Purple by Boring Weed Co.
Defying the tangerine and arugula elements that dominate Royal Purple's aromatic profile, perfumed lavender, bar soap and spicy, nose-tickling tree bark take prominence in the smoke, clearing and conflating for subtleties of incense and cantaloupe. I predict stony, serene and lethargic outcomes from this onyx-purple designer weed—a slow and joyful high that approaches meditative and stops short of sedative.

Go to Work

One Star by Archive
The cross of Lemon G and I-95 takes after the former with zingy lemon and orange notes while reflecting the latter's gassy, astringent hallmarks. It's a sharp, crisp smoke that tastes as good or better than, frankly, most actual oranges. It's appropriate morning-time weed—it's not gonna put you back in bed, but the energy it offers can be of the directionless sort. Combined with moderate body notes, One Star results in a wakeful but relaxed high. It's weed for amateur philosophers and idea-having types that tastes fucking great.

Kool Aid by Deschutes Growery
Party weed for the canna-curious newcomer, Kool-Aid is uplifting and cheerful with a manageable, no-head-trips 13.27 percent THC. While regulars might not get excited about that number, the flavor here is a huge draw and will have you and friends guessing at which type of candy it most smells and tastes like. Strawberry lemonade, Peachie O's, pink Starburst and the titular purple drink are apparent from jar to smoke.

Tropicanna Cookies by Boring Weed Co.
Tropicanna Cookies is the Three Bears of anytime herb: not too hot, not too cold, just right. With a manageable 22 percent THC content in entourage with terpenes related to alert and relaxed sides of the psychoactive spectrum, it neatly dismantles the indica-sativa binary for a mix of traits feel-good, mellow and lucid. Appropriate as a micro-dose with your morning coffee, in a joint for a functional after-work pick-me-up or as a before-bed dessert alternative that's tasty and calorie-free.