11 Portlanders Tell Us What’s in Their Quarantine Weed Stashes

Stoner stockpiles.

Myke Bogan


Since this whole thing started I just stocked up on a strain called Geist OG. I really like it and wasn't sure when I would be able to get more, so I just got enough to last me a few weeks. During the quarantine I've been working on loads of new music, trying to stay motivated and push boundaries. I'll smoke and get experimental to try and stay sane, and it's honestly been working for the most part. The cycle of smoking, writing, cooking and playing FIFA hasn't been half bad.

Anja Charbonneau

Editor In Chief and Creative Director of Broccoli Magazine

For an indoor-themed 4/20, I'm relying on a multifaceted kit of weed essentials that focuses on feeling calm and pleasantly distracted. I've got full spectrum CBD bath bombs from Cherry River, made in Hood River. I soak and listen to Hiroshi Yoshimura's 1986 ambient album, Green. To distract my mind and keep me away from the computer, I've got local faves for edibles, like Mr. Moxey's Mints and Wyld gummies—I prefer both in the 1:1 CBD/THC varieties—and I pair them with the meditative activity of putting together a puzzle. We teamed up with Piecework Puzzles to make our own featuring Broccoli art: flowers smoking joints!

Leather Storrs

Chef, co-host of Cooked with Cannabis on Netflix

One of the benefits of being a weed chef is that I get lots of samples. One of the side effects of being stony, though, is forgetting what a lot of them are. My Hello Kitty lunch box is loaded with odds and ends, so I've had a lot of salads these last few weeks. Some I could identify, some were just green. Yesterday was Neil Armstrong and 9 Pound Hammer. There's a joke in there, somewhere.

Zia McCabe

Musician, Dandy Warhols

While everyone else seemed to be racing around for the last packs of toilet paper, I rushed to Oregon's Finest to make sure I had all the weed I'd need to get through at least the first stretch of our shelter-in-place experience. Wylde is my favorite brand of edibles—their gummies are delicious and potent.My sweetie has been getting some great deals from Nectar to keep up with our growing need for weed. I've been making brownies with homemade cannabis-infused coconut oil that I've been stockpiling in my freezer. Pro Tip: Always make two batches of brownies, one with cannabis and one without, so you don't accidentally eat a tray of pot brownies when the munchies kick in.

Byrdie McCoy

Holistic Fitness Coach

I've been dedicating this quarantine to lots of self-care and creative projects, so my stash consists of my favorite pre-rolls, CBD oils and beauty products. My rollies are from Soul Addict with Nice Paper, TKO Reserve and Gud Gardens, but my hands-down fave is Create from East Fork Cultivar. I use 750 mg CBD oils from Rosebud CBD and FrogSong Farms every morning and after my workouts for recovery. And I use Make and Mary's CBD Beauty Stick and serums on my face everyday.

Emma Chasen

Cannabis Educator and Consultant, Eminent Consulting

I am stocked up on old flower and have been using it to make a ton of homemade edibles. I'm trying to preserve pulmonary health, so I've been choosing to ingest rather than inhale. I also have a lot of cannabis-infused soaking salts from Sweetbody Labs as I have more time at home to relax and take baths.



I'm not smoking much since Miss Rona said she likes the lungs, so I've taken to eating edibles. My favorite at the moment is Titan's Kind Indica Grape Fruit Chews. I was gifted a box after my last show—remember shows?—and I'm hooked. Usually an hour before bed and night, night, honey. I miss rolling up so much, so as a treat sometimes I'll roll a little herbal spliff with damiana, rose and some bud and sit back with a book. Lately, it's been Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown.

Brandie Bee aka Mary J. Poppyns

Founder, Sativa Science Club 

This spring it's all about CBD tincture mocktails and convection vaporizers. I like to start my day with a Bulletproof Coffee, including a nice, big dropper full of 1,200 mg Recover CBD Tincture by Bloom Farms. When my work is done for the evenings, I'll either kick back with a blueberry basil mocktail and a dropper full of Luminous Botanicals 1:1 Meadow Tincture or I'll pack my Firefly vaporizer with some Blue Orchid cultivated by my friends at East Fork Cultivars. I chose this chemovar specifically because it contains the terpene pinene, which is known to have bronchodilation properties.

Anna Symonds

Director of Education at East Fork Cultivars

I'm particularly interested in non-inhalant cannabis products to minimize any potential lung irritation for the time being. I'm personally stoked on the CBD Apothecary's line of ratioed THC:CBD tinctures and capsules (for general wellness and mood), Crop Circle Chocolate truffles (super potent but even more delicious) and Toro Ma's Baptiste cannabis balm (amazing skin soother). Also, although it's not sold in dispensaries, Gaia Herbs Hemp and Herbs Sleep blend has been clutch in helping me get good rest.

Reva Devito


All the indicas to chill the f out. No sativa for Reva right now, because it really hypes me up for the spring weather and we can't be having all that in the lock down. Also, cannabis bath salts and a good 5:1 CBD/THC tincture—dealers choice.

Amy Zimmerman

Social Media Manager for Tokeativity

I do not have a lot of luck with getting high on edibles or tinctures, so I stocked up on quite a few strains of flower and concentrates. I like to have Cinex and Durban Poison around for focus. When I give myself a break to enjoy some crafts or outdoor time, I love snacking on anything from the cookie family. And trying to relax and sleep through these anxiety driven nights? Purple Punch has me down for the count. But I still have my PAX with a little kush on my bedside table.

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