Navigate Your Holiday Parties in a Cloud of Cannabis

Four cannabis sidekicks to take the edge off holiday soiree obligations.

Traditional holiday parties can be stiff. Your best-case scenario involves stodgy eggnog cocktails, questionable Yankee swaps and a scratchy mishmash of enthusiastically themed, purposefully homely sweaters. Now, I’m not one to shade festivities, but I will say this: If weed isn’t a part of your grown folks holiday party plan, it ain’t much of a plan.

Doughy cookies, cheap gifts, and amiably themed attire all have their place in the holiday party ecosphere, but consider offering your party guests a bit of uplifting intoxication that won’t leave them with daybreak delirium tremens—especially if your guests are exploring cannabis as newcomers or hoping to avoid a hungover morning after.

This year, whether you’re hosting or attending a holiday soiree, consider showing up or showing out with one (or all) of these cleverly infused drinkables, deftly constructed novelties, and party-ready canna products. Because ain’t nobody got time for “antiquated obligation” energy when they could be operating on best-Xmas-party-ever vibes.

Luminous Botanicals Sun Syrup: For Good Natured, High Tolerance Punch Spiking

The newest addition to Luminous Botanicals’ tincture lineup is a powerfully potent, water-soluble syrup that flows like thinned molasses, smacks of lemon-drizzled honey, and can seamlessly synthesize into liquid without altering the beverage’s texture. The flavor profile feels uniquely seasonal and would marry well with mulled apple cider, hot sugarplum tea or even frothy hot chocolate, but the honey-sweet essence also makes this 1,000 mg tincture a universally useful flavor addition. Plus, whatever’s left post-party can be stashed in the back of the fridge and used to level up future lemonades, sweet teas or iced coffees.

Get it from: Bridge City Collective, 4312 N Williams Ave., 503-384-2955,

Magic Number Seltzer: For a Magic Wet Bar Mixer or “Cali Sober” Mocktails

Magic Number’s seltzers are available in two doses—25 and 50 mg—and four flavors: berry, lime, tonic and passionfruit. These 12-ounce cans can be easily parsed out as mixers for a few guests or sipped as a standalone drink by higher-tolerance users. Personally, I appreciate these as a substitution for not just celebratory booze but also smoking for folks who’d rather avoid inhalation. And as alternative consumption methods go, this is a super-smooth way to both loosen up both your varsity stoner pals and introduce your LeCroix-loving buddies to the wonders of drinkable weed.

Get it from: Mindrite, 1780 NW Marshall St., 503-477-4430,

Just the Tip: For Safe, Low-Key Joint Sharing

A line of hand-blown, wearable glass mouthpieces, Just the Tip joint holders act as joint extenders and one-hitters, and are subtly elegant enough to accompany your best holiday pothead couture. Primarily, this gold-plated chain keeps its user’s tender mouth flesh from absorbing stranger danger, passed from a new acquaintance’s soggy pre-roll—which, during this particular epoch, is a total party necessity. But party practicality aside, each piece is inarguably sumptuous addition to any social joint smoker’s party repertoire, especially if they like to match their smoke accessories to their special event fits.

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Stündenglass Kompact: For the Life of the Party

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Stündenglass, a kinetic gravity bong that (while super-fun to use) was more of a novelty than inclusive party favor. The Stündenglass Kompact however, is another vibe entirely. Structured in the same manner as the original Stündenglass—a dual-chambered cylinder that rotates to draw and expel smoke for a contact-free hit—this model is smaller and more manageable. Plus, it comes with a party-ready carrying case. Though the original model is far more extravagant in terms of size, weight and heft of hits produced, the Kompact functions impeccably for both groups of smokers and single users, producing thick, milk-glass opaque hits that won’t go stale before the chamber’s had a chance to empty.

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