Portland Weed Events Are Back, Starting With a Valentine’s Date Night From Astral Treats and Magic Hour Cannabis

The companies collaborated on a new edible that will be available to sample at The Happiest State of Being.

Forget news of England dropping its mask mandates or South Africa ending isolation requirements—perhaps the biggest indicator that Portlanders are inching back toward a sense of “normalcy” is the announcement that a real-life, vibed-out, consumption-friendly weed experience is back on the city’s calendar.

The Feb. 14 event, titled The Happiest State of Being, celebrates the launch of the new Deep Space Dragonfruit gummy from local edible company Astral Treats, made in partnership with Magic Hour Cannabis. Infused with the full-spectrum extract from Magic Hour’s beloved Memory Loss strain, the collaboration marks the farm’s first-ever edible offering—a big deal for a little grower that’s gotten a lot of national press the past couple of years.

It’s notable for Astral, too, which is hot off a rebrand and a reconnection to the founders’ “universal interest in space, time and joy.” This collab is about more than novel flavors and memorable highs, though. It’s about love—of weed, of romance, of Portland’s cannabis community and the return of its nightlife. To start, both brands are founded and led by couples.

“I reached out to [Magic Hour co-owners] Will [Perry] and Adriana [Ruiz Carlile] at MJBizCon in Las Vegas last October,” says Elle Rahman.

A scientist-turned-real estate savant who used to do contract work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and the United Kingdom-based National Physical Laboratory, Rahman co-founded the space-inspired Astral Treats with partner Kevin Collins in April 2021.

“I’d met with many growers, and having been CEO of a cultivation operation, I knew Magic Hour was special and wanted to collaborate,” Rahman says. “We share the same ethos, vibe and dedication to quality people and quality plant products.”

Once back in Portland, it was only a matter of time before the power pot couples began discussing a marriage of Astral’s patented star-shaped gummy with Magic Hour’s flower, and the “Astral Hour” concept solidified from there. Although not the driving force of the collab, the representation of two minority-owned, couple-operated companies is not lost on these young, ambitious entrepreneurs.

“For me, it was all about the mutual respect for one another’s strengths and craftsmanship in each other’s lane of expertise,” adds Collins, who came to Portland for a potential career at Nike but found his entrepreneurial calling in cannabis once he arrived. “Magic Hour grows some of the best flower in the state—dare I say country—and the combination of our brands calls for a celebration with the community that got us where we both are today.”

Magic Hour co-founders Perry and Ruiz Carlile feel the same, pleased with the way Memory Loss’ terpene profile complements the unique flavor of dragon fruit—a milder sweetness often described as falling somewhere between a pear and watermelon—and the ability to celebrate this union in person.

“We’re super happy with how the gummies turned out,” says Ruiz Carlile. “They have an uplifting and euphoric effect perfect for activities like a hike or workout.”

“We’re excited about this collab with Astral Treats because our company values are similar,” adds Perry. “The release event is going to be dope and bring something different and fresh to Portland.”

At The Happiest State of Being, you can expect noninfused samples of the vegan and gluten-free gummy, real dragon fruit cocktails from Ilegal Mezcal, music by DJ Sworth and special Astral Hour merch, to boot. And, yes, there will be a hot-box experience for on-site consumption.

Although a post-pandemic “normal” feels closer than ever, Astral’s and Magic Hour’s founders know we’re not out of the woods yet. Masks are required, and in order to maintain an adequately ventilated space without crowds, attendees must reserve their one-hour visiting window in advance. There is a special time slot for dispensary employees only starting at 4:20 pm, and the general public is welcome starting at 6 pm. Naturally, Astral and Magic Hour are saving that golden-hour selfie lighting for the community that helped propel them to this point.

GO: The Happiest State of Being takes place at the Solterra Building, 959 SE Division St., #130, exploreastral.com/the-event. 4:20 pm for dispensary employees, 6 pm general admission Monday, Feb. 14. Free. 21+.