I WOULDN'T CONSIDER MYSELF A "POTHEAD". I am however, a dope person and comic who enjoys a solid belly laugh. Last week, I smoked different strains of bud from Gnome Grown, went to comedy shows, and rated the evenings 'giggle factor' based on how much my distinguishably loud laugh was enhanced while on the legal marijuana.

Alien Rift (22.55% THC 2.36% Total Terp).

This bud tastes like it popped straight out of beautiful Sigourney Weaver's abdomen; strong & soupy. Alien Rift took my on conversations about space & infinite universes, and questions like, "Where would you hide if aliens invaded earth?" (Behind the curtains, was the answer). I was on giggle cloud 9 when I went to Mississippi Pizza for You're Welcome comedy showcase. Alien Rift was the perfect strain to smoke for that show. The amusement of this bud carried me onto the stage and into a riff where I got the entire audience to eagerly sing the chorus of "My Heart Will Go On". This strain has a high Terp percentage which is linked to serotonin! Serotonin is the chemical linked to sunshine juice for your brain! YAY! A real Internal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind type feeling. (Not sorry).

Giggle Rating: Five Stars

Comedy Show: You're Welcome @ Mississippi Pizza – Wednesday's 9:30pm

Oregon Lemon (22.78% THC .06% CBD 1.51% Total Terp).

This bud tastes like the freshness of PNW mountain run-off water if it were flowing through Willy Wonka's candyland; sweet and smooth. I once was told my aura is yellow & gold and to keep it shiny, I'm to surround myself by yellow & gold. The word 'lemon' stuck out as a third eye opening opportunity. However, the high from Oregon Lemon was appealingly subtle. It plastered a smile on my resting bitch face & felt like smooth jazz flowing through my veins. I got my laughs in at Al's Den, Portland's mini comedy club vibe. The show is only advertised to the hotel that sits above it, so the audience is a mixture of locals and tourists in barefeet & bathrobes. I was in such a good mood, I performed an almost Ted-Talk set I had written about sexual health. I think everyone left the show making a mental note to phone Planned Parenthood for a screening.

Giggle Rating: Three Stars

Comedy Show: Al's Den @ The Annex – Friday & Saturday's 10pm

Huckleberry (15.30% THC .90% Total Terp).

This bud tasted like if bombpops could be grinded up into sticky weed. It was very flavorful and really felt like you were sneaking a delicious summer treat. I had to smoke a lot of this to get to the level where I felt silly. I would suggest Huckleberry to anyone who is stepping out into the functioning world high on marijuana for the first time. I gleefully headed to Helium Comedy Club. It's the place where anyone who is serious about being a comic flocks to. It's the most professional playground in town, so I treated it as such and did not get high before my set. I did however get high immediately after my set & TBH, this weed made me a tinge judgy. An open mic-er had a bit about how he was upset Justin Timberlake would be back to perform the SuperBowl and I thought 'honey, let me borrow you my JT Live in London DVD's. Take note on his swag, you could use it.' To which I started calling this strain 'Huckleberry Judy."

Giggle Rating: Four Stars

Comedy Show: Helium Comedy Club Open Mic – Tuesdays 8pm

Gnome Walker (22.58% THC 1.8% Total Terp).

This bud tastes like a tiny gnome built a gingerbread house inside a pipe and every time you smoke it he dances with joy. I smoked this weed to take the edge of my traditional pre-hosting show panic attack. I've been running Control Yourself comedy showcase for almost four years and it's literally the closest thing I have to raising a child. Control Yourself is a perfect mix of local talent, nationally touring comics, and major drop in's such as Portlandia's own, Fred Armisen. The crowd is equal parts returning patrons and new audience members. Having Gnome Walker on the brain heightened my celebratory dance moves throughout an amazing show. Is that what parenting is like, getting high and dancing alone in a corner until you come down?

Giggle Rating: Four Stars

Comedy Show: Control Yourself: A Showcase of Funny – Sunday's 8:30pm

Leaving on a high note (pun fully intended), I personally thank you all for reading this. The point of comedy to unify the oddities, joys, and fears of life through laughter; hope to hear yours out there!

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