Paid for by YES on 103

We have never taxed groceries in Oregon, and we never should. Taxing groceries is a terrible idea, but the politicians and powerful special interests – the same ones opposed to Measure 103 – keep trying. Just last week, Hood River County proposed a food and beverage tax and recent statewide attempts include HB 2230, HB 2830, Measure 97, IP 27, and dozens of others since 2010.

That's why we need a YES vote on Measure 103.

Voting YES on 103 permanently bans the politicians from ever taxing our groceries.

Opponents of Measure 103 are the same powerful special interests that have been trying to tax your groceries for years. And they'll say anything to stop Measure 103 – so they can continue to try to tax your groceries.

THEIR FALSE CLAIM: Creates tax loopholes for big tobacco. – WRONG! This is clearly wrong, and in fact, Measure 103 explicitly excludes tobacco. Measure 103 defines groceries any food or beverage intended for human consumption, with the exception of tobacco, alcohol and marijuana.

THEIR FALSE CLAIM: It impacts the Bottle Bill. – WRONG! This is wrong and they know it. Asked specifically, The Oregon Beverage and Recycling Cooperative on July 31st clearly stated: "OBRC would like to clarify, as stewards of the Bottle Bill, that our analysis shows no impact on the Bottle Bill from Ballot Measure 103."

THEIR FALSE CLAIM: It hits Medicare and gas taxes. – WRONG! This is wrong and they know it. Asked specifically, The Tax & Finance Section of the Oregon Department of Justice on July 26th clearly stated: "Our conclusion is that the limitations of IP 37 (Measure 103) would not apply to those assessments or taxes. IP 37 (Measure 103) does not appear to apply to either the new hospital assessment or the new gas tax."

THEIR FALSE CLAIM: It's a corporate tax break. – WRONG! According to the analysis by the State Finance Office of Oregon: "The Initiative does not reduce existing state or local government tax or fees, nor does it require any additional state or local government spending to implement."

THEIR FALSE CLAIM: It's unprecedented – WRONG!  With Measure 103, Oregon will become the 5th state to constitutionally ban a grocery tax.

THEIR FALSE CLAIM: It hurts taxpayers, small businesses and farmers – WRONG! Measure 103 is endorsed by Taxpayers Association of Oregon, Oregon League of Minority Voters, Sunshine Division, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Cattlemen's Association and Chambers of Commerce throughout Oregon.

Voting YES on 103 – to keep our groceries tax free – is in keeping with our Oregon history, values and desires.

Most importantly, YES on Measure 103 protects the most vulnerable in our society – families struggling to put food on their table.