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Test Your Sustainable Fashion Knowledge

How much do you know about saving the planet one outfit at a time?

If you've read the news, you know that the planet is definitely suffering from many of the choices we've made. No industry is innocent of their carbon footprint, but one that is glaringly damaging is the fashion industry. With fast fashion, wasted materials, and mindless shopping habits, it has quickly become that fashion is not conducive to sustaining the environment and certain communities.

But there's hope! The good thing about habits is that they can be broken; and they start when you make a choice to be more mindful about how you shop.

That's where sustainable fashion comes in. It's not a new movement, but it's nonetheless revolutionary. Companies like Nau have been leading the example of what sustainable fashion means: for them, it's not just about how their clothes are made, but also about empowering their shoppers with knowledge and skills for sustainable living, and also giving back to make a real difference.

But how much do you know about sustainable fashion? Test your knowledge below.

Shop sustainably at Nau. They are leaders in creating clothes, creating timeless high-quality pieces that both look good and do good for the planet. They are transparent about how their garments are made, provide workshops to educate people about sustainable fashion, and continually innovate new ways to progress the fashion industry. Shop at or visit them in-store at 304 NW 11th Ave.