Pet Pageant Winners: Where are they now?

We’re taking a look back at last years’ Pet Pageant Winners!

Last year, hundreds of Portlanders voted for dogs, cats, goats, lizards, even guinea pigs in a variety of categories for local pet fame, in Willamette Week's Pet Pageant, put on in partnership with DoveLewis Animal Hospital.

As we anticipate the 2020 Pageant (results are printed in our January 29th issue), we're taking a moment to look back at some of the fan favorites from last year: how their fame has transformed their lives – and where they find themselves nearly a year later.

If you haven't voted yet in the 2020 competition, head over to our poll to cast your vote now! Voting closes on January 19 – the fate of these finalists are in your hands!

Below, read the stories of last year's winners, Sabah, Rocco, and Mr. Smoosh Smoosh.

Sabah, 2019 Ultimate Supreme Pet

The most prestigious title of all, Sabah was awarded Ultimate Supreme Pet in 2019 – gracefully posing on our cover with a custom fit flower crown.

We spoke with Sabah's owner, Sammy – who noted that Sabah's face "was all over Portland. Few will forget her appearance on KATU, where she climbed onto my back and attempted to make a quick getaway through the studio. The spotlight was simply too much for her."

After a few months away from the cameras, Sabah and her tortie sister, Sofya, made appearances in a modeling shoot for a home-buying assistance app called Keep. She's been keeping a low profile since and prefers the napping and bird-watching life. Sammy is hoping 2020 is the year Sabah and her sister become adventure cats, as they are getting backpack carriers for plenty of outdoor adventures.

Mr. Smoosh Smoosh, 2019 Winner of 'Tiniest Treasure'

Since Mr. Smoosh Smoosh's win, this feline built his resume with a modeling gig for Wildfang's latest fleece campaign. Even though it's been a year since the fame peaked, he still walks around his apartment like a king.

Rocco, 2019 Winner of 'Heart of Gold'

Rocco's lived up to his title this year in being a great role model to his new little brother, Winston, an English cream golden retriever. Rocco is patient and playful – teaching Winston the house rules and backyard etiquette. This fall, Rocco's heart was warmed by his favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers, clinch the NFC West Division Championship and looks forward to following them through the playoffs in January.

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