Welcome to Local Businesslandia

Pandemic or no, Portlanders can count on these community mainstays to keep their cupboards packed, their stereos humming and their outdoor adventures energized.

Our city's local economy is something that makes us unique. Whether it's Plaid Pantry's complimentary bike pumps, the inner Southeast's aggressively adorable boutique bakeries or entire Downtown city blocks lined with quick-stop food carts, Portlanders prefer to shop local. When neighbors are customers, it's easier to meet all of their specific wants and needs – especially when those wants and needs are hyper regional themselves.

This city is many things to many people, but to all of its residents, it is a hub where locally owned businesses can find community, prosperity and in many cases, national renown. These locally owned enterprises are perfect examples of Portland's singular economy, where owners serve customers rather than shareholders and the prosperity of the community remains a primary priority.

Migration Brewing

What began as a brewpub on East Glisan in 2010 is now one of Oregon's fastest growing beer brands, ascending to international popularity with brews sold in both Japan and Thailand. At its heart, however, Migration's motivations are community and craft. This foundation has served Migration well, in 2017 they became a part of the largest distribution network on the west coast, a year later they expanded their business to include a 20,00 sq ft brewery and pub in Gresham, and in 2021 they launched a community pub space perfectly suited to our modern times, a 2000 sq ft outdoor oasis on North Williams.

Migration Brewing's success story is evidenced not only through the founders enthusiasm for craft beers, but also through their commitment to community. Neighborhood fundraisers and local events have been a part of Migration's modus operandi since their flagship pub launched more than ten years ago. And even as Migration continues to grow their brand internationally, the team can be counted on to maintain the integrity of the brewpub's community-first mission statement.

Music Millennium

Portland's oldest record store/ all ages live performance venue/ celebrity rock star haunt still boasts a line around the block, although, these days the line is likely for the sake of public health, rather than for a glimpse at a band of touring raconteurs or chanteuses. If the line seems shocking given our current circumstances, keep in mind, the public's reverence for this distinguished institution is interwoven with both a fondness for analog media and a deep nostalgia for the record-store-as-community-center vibe. Where else can you pop in for a casual chat about the influence of surf guitar or the brilliance of so many forgotten garage rock B-sides?

Owner Terry Currier has been a shop fixture since the 70s, when he worked behind the counter as a high schooler. His devotion to not just the shop but to independent music stores nationwide sparked Record Store Day, The Coalition of Independent Record Stores and even his own hometown holiday, Terry Currier Day, celebrated every August 18th with a ceremonial middle finger to Garth Brooks. And despite a streaming industry that threatens to leave independent record shops like Music Millennium in the dust, the Keep Portland Weird mural still looms from the crest of Laurelhurst, inviting music lovers of all stripes to drop in for a visit that's sure to be equal parts faded nostalgia and technicolor discovery.

Plaid Pantry

In addition to serving more than 60,000 daily customers, Plaid Pantry has been a reliable haven for swing shift workers in all quadrants during the pandemic, either fueling their midnight shifts or nourishing them after they clock out at dawn. Whether for a cup of hot brewed coffee and one of Bob's Red Mill's oatmeal bowls, or a Sparkling Ice energy drink and package of Annie Chun's savory snacks, or for a well-deserved post-work microbrew from Buoy or Ecliptic, Plaid Pantry has been safely serving workers since the beginning of our public health crisis, and will continue to be our favorite convenience store once this pandemic abates.

Plaid Pantry has always kept the needs of its community at the forefront of its service. Shoppers can rely on a wide variety of locally produced items, and also small accommodations like free air for bike tires and larger philanthropic gestures as well. Significant contributions are made each year to local charities expressly chosen and vetted by many of Plaid Pantry's 700+ employees throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

Happy Mountain Kombucha

Outdoor adventure is a pillar of Pacific Northwest culture, and as such, so we take our adventure fuel relatively seriously. Whether hiking the PNW trail or dragging your toes along the sand at Sauvie Island, Happy Mountain Kombucha is a welcome addition to your theoretical picnic basket (or backpack). Brewed only steps from the Columbia Slough in North Portland, each of Happy Mountain's varieties was formulated with peak-adventure in mind, whether mild, wild, or most likely, somewhere in between.

With six varieties, each of Happy Mountain's blends of tea, botanicals and organic cultures is as uniquely delicious and uplifting as the next. And since so many of our local adventure opportunities start with a quick convenience store stop, keeping Happy Mountain on your permanent list of excursion essentials is as easy as popping in to your nearest Plaid Pantry.

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