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Nester 2022

Portland is a city where nesting is a never-ending pursuit—the homebody lifestyle turned up a notch.

As a city that has style aspirations that rival much larger metropoles, Portland has long been an inspirational place for people exploring a collected, authentic, sometimes even rummaged sense of self—one that takes the looks and vibes of the past and reinvents them with new energy.

Whatever your design persuasion—'80s glam, midcentury modern, boho chic, urban eclectic, Craftsman farmhouse (we could go on)—the city has people and businesses out there itching to help you shape the room(s) you call your own.

In this second issue of Willamette Week’s Nester, we visit the homes of people in Portland who have their style dialed in. You’ll meet young creatives and established pros, families and single folk, people who just bought their home during the pandemic, and those who have been inhabiting their spaces for nearly three decades.

We also take deep dives into some of the fun, exploratory challenges you face at all points of your homemaking voyage, like:

  • How to redo a rental
  • How to decorate for a small space
  • Where to go to get inspired
  • Who can help you with your next house project

You’ll also have enough fodder for your next dinner party after discovering:

  • Portland’s top wallpaper designs
  • Great gifts for whoever is hosting
  • Local artisans (a gilder, a shoji screen maker, and someone to glam up your bathtub)

It’s all in the name of helping you have a space that reflects what you resonate with most and how you want to spend your life.

Find a copy of Nester at any of the locations on this map:

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