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Restaurants that conducted their last service in the past year.

December 2014

Hunan Restaurant

The landmark 35-year-old Chinese restaurant—with its luxe pink-tableclothed interior near downtown's hotels—closed its doors last year at 515 SW Broadway because of the health problems of its owner.

January 2015

Via Tribunali

Via Tribunali's Seattle owners shut down the pizza ovens and added more space for their Caffe Vita coffee shop in the same spot, citing too many drunks in Old Town.

February 2015

Sok Sab Bai

The city's best Cambodian restaurant shuttered with promises of a food cart that has sadly failed to materialize.

March 2015

Bamboo Izakaya

The izakaya concept was apparently a mismatch with its neighborhood—everybody asked for sushi. And so, now they can get it. The izakaya is now a Northeast Portland Bamboo Sushi.

April 2015


After only a year, New York-style brunch spot Block's—home to much matzo ball soup—shuttered to become Burrasca, one of our top five restaurants of the year


Longtime cafe Besaw's—a fixture in one form or another for 112 years—closed for good on Northwest 23rd Avenue. It will reopen a few blocks away, next to the New Seasons at 22nd Avenue and Raleigh Street.

Brasserie Montmartre

This was the other longtime Portland institution to go down in April—often a cruel month for restaurants. The newest reboot of the nearly 40-year-old Brasserie lasted just three years.

May 2015


Spanish modernist chef Anthony Cafiero hung up his apron in the West End, saying he would seek a more intimate, less expensive space on the eastside. He's shown up at pop-up dinners, but the new spot is still pending.

Kenny & Zuke's Deli Bar

The bagel-and-booze concept met its end after three years. The location at 3901 N Williams Ave. is now a salad-bar restaurant called Crisp.

The Sugar Cube

Chef Kir Jensen shut her pastry shop, hinting strongly at a

future in fine, fine medibles.

June 2015

Savoy Tavern

Peter Bro's home to infused booze and cheese curds closed after 10 years and some end-of-life flirtations with becoming a burger bar. In September, it became a mussels bar called La Moule from most of the people behind St. Jack.

July 2015


The former Fenouil spot in the Pearl closed, citing worries with its "ability to provide a quality dining experience at reasonable prices."

August 2015


Twee second-story Fenrir says it's currently seeking a new location.

Lil' wares

The Smallwares summer restaurant that was never built to last did not last—but now brunch has returned to Smallwares.

September 2015


As his Broder restaurants continue to proliferate, Peter Bro's All-Way burger exists no more in the old Red Coach space downtown. But Bro and co-owner Martin Hulth promised to bring the burger elsewhere.

October 2015

Bistro Marquee

The upscale Bistro Marquee closed after two years in the 200 SW Market St. spot that also claimed the lives of Carafe and Market.